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This site has had a lot of visitors in the last month. I thank you for checking in on my progress.


In Late May 2019, I visited OBGYN Dr. Rachel Gibbs in Tulsa. I had not been in for a check-up for many years. (I have some fundamental disagreements with mainstream methods of "treating" patients.) It was only after describing to a close friend a symptom that I was having, she had urged me more than once to get checked. (Besides being disagreeable at times, I am also capable of stubbornness. Not the run-of-the-mill kind of stubborn, but the mulish dig-your-heels-in-the-dirt kind.)


She examined me, took a sample for the PAP and in the digital rectal exploration, felt a mass in the anus. She announced that I likely had anal or rectal cancer. Bombshell.


She sent me to a colo-rectal specialist, specifically, Dr. Scott Fengler.



When visiting any doctor for the first time, you are given a waiver to sign.


You are actually giving them ownership of any tissues they take from you, along with other things. I strongly suggest that you have a conversation with the nurse to clarify & initial changes/your wishes and complete the form. It is highly recommended to NOT ALLOW BIOPSY. It is known that surgery allows cancer cells into the bloodstream to spread to other parts of the body. A biopsy is a "tiny surgery" which they claim is harmless because it is cauterized. Any breach invites rapid growth. Early detection procedures, yearly mammograms, colonoscopies, and the like, are  fear-based marketing tools which also are potentially harmful.


After the fact, I would rather have amended this waiver to read that if something visually appeared abnormal or malignant that they must get my permission at that point. "Do you want us to biopsy?" (My answer would be "NO".)


This can get tricky, but it would let them know you are not a sheep and that you are assuming responsibility for yourself. They rely on the power of FEAR that this bombshell of a word, Cancer, possesses. You will now do whatever they say because you are so scared. see the doctor is reciting what he has been programmed with in his training by Big Pharma schools. You say you will not do standard treatment. You ask about the side effects of chemo and radiation. I asked about decreased mental function, development of new cancer, nerve and organ damage.....he literally waved his hand in dismissal. He said people are not bothered by them. Really?


I returned after my natural chemotherapy in Mexico for a visual examination and to get a new PET scan. What I got was the exam, a piosonous lecture, got told I was uneducated, that natural therapies do not work. He added that insurance companes do not pay for things that don't work. He told me to make an apointment with the oncologist to get a PET scan. By the next day, I realized he was just sending me to the oncologist so he could lecture me too! I called Fengler's office and told them I did not appreciate that manipulation and knew he could order the PET scan himself. He refused. I asked him to order it from another company in OKC for me. He refused. If he ever honestly looked at himself in the mirror and asked himself what his life has been about, it could be shattering. I feel pity for him and all doctors who serve the almighty $ rather than live to heal and promote health. Slaves? Prisoners? But not if you give permission to the master of it. A transaction has been made.


So with the order from the Director of Holy Grail Cancer Care in Cancun, Dr. Diego Bocanegra, I am getting a scan and paying for it out of pocket. $1,500.


If a doctor treats you in a less than compassionate manner, ask for a different one. Keep your options open for natural therapies. The Big Three Treatments are Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy. Ask if they have any other options to offer you. Most likely, they don't.


When you leave, you are now hopefully going to research your own diagnosis and learn everything about what caused it, what the prognosis is and how to treat it naturally. Make sure you know more about your disease than your doctor! Search for testimonials of healing for your particular condition. Seek out lifestyle changes that include movement and nourishing your body for optimum health and immunity.


What is most important is for you to engage your power of choice. If conventional methods are what you are comfortable with, learn how to support that with natural therapies.


Many cures have been outlawed and called quackery, even though thousands of cures were documented. The AMA will not permit a cure.......this Cancer business to just too lucrative! Your doctor could lose his license if he mentions anything other than standard care. You will have to travel beyond the borders of this nation to receive most alternative treatment programs. Persecution and even death have been the rewards of those who have truly developed cures.


That is my story, up to this point.




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