From Aaron:


I've heard of it many, many times. It really is the deepest level of reality. It touches on the things that I have learned in metaphysics and explains them in a way that is much easier to understand.


Ho'oponopono will help you to heal different aspects of your life, especially relationships with other people.


Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian technique that came from Dr Alchiali Alcala. He worked in a mental ward with all manner of people who had varied case histories. Some had done horrible things to others.

He founded this technique. based on the truth about reality. As he began to personally do this meditation, these people began to awaken to themselves. These people started to heal as he did the technique. Now how could it be, that he does a certain technique or he says some words and does this little process and then all these other people transform their lives? How could that be?

Well, this is what he realized and this is very deep. What we think of as "out there", isn't really "out there". What we think as "out there" is actually "in here". This is what the process is founded upon; this realization.

Instead of him trying to change all the patients, what he did is he changed the patients within him. He changed his perception of them because he realized he was creating them. 

If we have a belief/judgment that somebody is "crazy", we're creating that label.That judgment  is creating that experience. If we don't agree to the premise that they are crazy people, then we don't affirm our reality for that.

So it gets very interesting because it could be that as we change our perception of them, we shift to a reality where they're not crazy, where they actually heal.


Do Ho'oponopono for yourself first, seated comfortably, place left hand over heart and right hand on top. Close your eyes and speak/whisper to yourself as your beloved child. 108 repetitions is considered the full meditation. Use a mala and count on those beads.


After you have spent this important time with your Self, think of others in your life, picture them or say their name. Follow each with the mantra, as many times as it takes to feel that this relationship is healed.


Not being able to forgive and love ourselves is the source of our infirmity and the main obstacle to our own healing/wellness.


I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.



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