Cancer is just one result of our toxic lifestyle, particularly in the United States. It is shocking to observe the general physical condition of Americans. It is a daunting task to counteract all the poisons we come into contact with on a daily basis. Some may consider this "conspiracy theory", but think again.....please! 


Remember, it is all about the money. If a big corporation, or a political figure like Donald Rumsfeld, stands to make a lot of money, the substance is approved and even introduced into foods you would never think required a sweetener like Aspartame. The story of Aspartame is a horror story. See if you can find statistics on obesity in the population since Aspartame came on the scene. Diet sodas make you hungrier.....Hmmmmm. Not to mention the fact that you could just drop dead.


Do you believe, seriously, that the only way to treat a disease is with a synthetic pharmaceutical drug? Read the information flyer that comes with your prescription. Furthermore, research the effects of the drug on the body apart from what it has been prescribed to treat. Our water supply is filled with all drugs. They are not removed when we treat our sewage to recycle as potable water. (UGH)


Enough. I could go on for days...


Plant Medicine......from Mother Nature, well that is a totally different story. Plants are cheap and you cannot patent a plant, so Big Pharma has bought legislation that makes many illegal. Hello, Cannabis. Hello, Laetrile. Hello, all the rest of you Magnificent Gifts from our Creator.


Plants are sentient beings. That means they have a consciousness. Their purpose is to serve, nourish and heal us. They not only work to heal the obvious dis-ease, but serve the entire body, balancing what is out of balance.


I will  share several videos about especially powerful plants here. If you have something that you think belongs here too, please email 

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